Nepal govt previously have been accused of inaction when China allegedly encroached its territories in the north (Image: Shutterstock/Representative Image)
Nepal govt previously have been accused of inaction when China allegedly encroached its territories in the north 

Nepal civic group Rashtriya Ekata Abhiyan protested this week against Chinese encroachment into Nepal’s territories. The protest was sparked after China expanded the wire-fence within no-man’s land in Gorkha and encroached into Nepal’s area in the northern part of the country.

Protesters stormed towards the parliament demanding answers from the government over Beijing’s building of illegal structures at Ruila border of Chumanubri Rural Municipality-1 in Gorkha district.

The protesters were chanting anti-China slogans demanding return of the encroached lands.

China is violating the agreement that was sealed between the two nations. China has always been going against the agreement by building 12 buildings in Humla District in Nepali territory,” Rashtriya Ekata Abhiyan chairperson Vinay Yadav was quoted as saying by news agency ANI. He said that these transgressions by the Chinese government are repetitive.

“Go back China”, “Put an end to Chinese expansionism”, “Return encroached land”, “Halt Chinese intervention” and “End the undeclared blockade against Nepal” were some of the slogans chanted as dozens of protesters stormed towards the parliament in Kathmandu.

However, locals claimed the Chinese were putting up a fence at the Ruila border within the no-man’s land area while making mockery of the international norms.

Due to this development, movement of locals across the border remains halted.

Speaking of the encroachment in the Gorkha district, Yadav said between this week and last China wired the no-man’s land on the northern side of Gorkha.

“It is requested with the Chinese side as well as Nepali side that this issue should be resolved as early as possible and free the Nepali territories captured by China,” Yadav said, claiming that the Chinese government captured no-man’s land.

He said such moves are ‘reprehensible’ and asked China to return Nepalese territories under its control. “China should return back our land and we are hitting the road against the encroachment,” he further added.

Nepal media outlets report the fence was erected without abiding the criterion that are to be followed during construction of such structures near the border.

International norms say no structure or fences can be built in no man’s land and any such action requires bilateral consensus.