Why China Is Cracking Down on Private Tutoring

The highlights this week: Chinese regulators upend the $120 billion private education industry with new measures, Beijing issues an itemized list of grievances to U.S. diplomats, and a COVID-19 outbreak in Nanjing raises concerns over the delta variant. Welcome to Foreign Policy’s China Brief. The highlights this week: Chinese regulators […]

Can the World Avoid War in Cyberspace—and in Space?

Are you excited about the new wave of spaceflight for the superrich? Emma Ashford: Good morning, Matt! Welcome to “It’s Debatable: Tech Edition.” From billionaires in space to hackers in cyberspace, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Emma Ashford: Good morning, Matt! Welcome to “It’s Debatable: Tech Edition.” From […]

China’s Ultramarathon Tragedy Was a Fad Gone Bad

“Can ‘rare extreme weather’ really be responsible for a 12 percent death rate in a sporting event?” China News Weekly asked in a front-page feature. On Weibo, one user wrote : “21 Elite athletes lost their lives on a familiar race route, this kind of an accident, there is almost […]

The China Model Will Never Work in Iran

On Aug. 5, Ebrahim Raisi will be inaugurated as Iran’s eighth president since the revolution. The Biden administration has been eager to reenter the Iran nuclear deal before the hard-liner takes office. But they needn’t worry: Should the administration choose to uphold the pressure until Iran returns to nuclear compliance, […]

China Eyes Pacific Supremacy With New Carrier

Alright, here’s what’s on tap for the day: China vies for Pacific supremacy with aircraft carrier buildup, Biden catches up on NatSec staffing, and the White House gets ready to evacuate Afghan translators . Welcome to Foreign Policy ’s SitRep! Jack and Robbie here again, writing this newsletter while seriously […]

Bolsonaro’s Teflon Wears Off

The highlights this week: Bolsonaro and his military ministers size up their options for holding on to power, what we know about Pedro Castillo’s finally official presidency , and the reach of NSO’s Pegasus software in Latin America . Welcome back to Foreign Policy’s Latin America Brief. The highlights this […]