KATHMANDU : Liu Jianchao, Head of the International Liaison Department of the Communist Party of China (CCP), has said that the ‘South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund’ was announced by Chinese President Xi Jinping would provide support to Nepal’s development.

Inaugurating the Nepal Smiling Children Project held in Basantapur, Kathmandu on Monday, Foreign Minister Liu said that children could be healthy only if they are happy and that in order for children to study well it is necessary that children remain happy and healthy.

He commented that today’s children had a crucial role to play in the future of Nepal-China friendship. He also urged Nepali children to visit China. Stating that it would make him even happier to welcome Nepali children in China, he expressed his commitment to introduce them to Chinese children.

He said, “The theme of this program is very important. Children can be healthy and study better only when they eat wholesome and good food. It is only when the child grows up healthily, can he/she develop himself and his family well.”

He further went on to say, “The age-old foundation between China and Nepal is very strong. Our party’s secretary-general, Xi Jinping, has announced that the Chinese government will set up a South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund. It is expected that this project will also get the support of the fund.” He mentioned. “The Chinese Communist Party will assist the social organizations in Nepal and China. Through this, the relationship between the two countries can be progressed.”

Speaking on the occasion, Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Pampha Bhusal said that she supported the cooperation between Nepal and China in clean energy trade by constructing an inter-country cross-border transmission line between the two countries. Acknowledging that China has been providing financial and technical aid to Nepal for a long time, she mentioned that China has been a great asset in the development of Nepal’s physical infrastructure, health, education, water resources and sports.

Minister Bhusal revealed that the government has been providing assistance in the Sunkoshi Hydropower Project and is now extending its assistance at various private levels. “Economic cooperation between Nepal and China has existed since before the establishment of bilateral relations,” she said. 

China has been providing financial and technical assistance to Nepal for a long time. The assistance which began at the government level from Sunkoshi Hydropower is now continuously expanding in the private sector as well. Trade between the two countries has been steadily expanding. It is anticipated that in the coming days, Nepal and China will cooperate in clean energy trade by constructing an inter-country cross-border transmission line. 

Praising China’s input in the reconstruction of Nepal’s cultural heritage, Minister Bhusal said that China’s support was needed for the development of Nepal. She said she is confident that China would be a significant contributor to Nepal’s industrialization and economic development.