Vijay Kant Karna, a former Nepali ambassador to Denmark, chastised China for intervening in Nepal’s internal affairs and encroaching on its land, and warned Nepal to be cautious while receiving loans from China, citing Sri Lanka’s economic crisis as an example.

“Most importantly, the activities and role played by China in influencing the ratification of the US grant, Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), should be understood as interference in Nepal’s internal affairs by using Nepali political parties,” said he.

Notably, the US Government’s MCC signed the pact with the Government of Nepal in September 2017 aimed at maintaining road quality, increasing the availability and reliability of electricity, and facilitating cross-border electricity trade between Nepal and India–helping to spur investments, accelerate economic growth, and reduce poverty.

Karna is currently a professor at the Tribhuvan University in Nepal and in a conversation with Khabarhub over the visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Nepal, he said that the Minister must assure Nepal to not interfere in the internal matters of the country.

Amid a growing discontent in Nepal against Chinese investments and interference, Chinese Foreign Minister and State Councillor Wang Yi will arrive on a three-day visit to the Himalayan country starting March 25.

“Over the years, China has also encroached upon some places in our northern border, particularly in Dolakha and Humla,” he added.

While talking about Nepal’s 2017 Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) agreement with China in which no project has seen the light of day till now, Professor asserted, “I have heard that Nepal and China are making a framework agreement to implement some projects. Therefore, while negotiating the loan agreement, it is important for Nepal to analyze the condition of Sri Lanka, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and other African countries,” reported Khabar Hub.

“We need to be extremely cautious while accepting loans from China since it would be disastrous if we cannot repay them,” he added.