Kathmandu: The death of the three Chinese nationals in a loader accident in Nepal last month revealed that Beijing has been bringing its citizens to work, due to which people of Himalayan nation have been deprived of employment.
According to Khabar Hub, the loader accident on the Kathmandu-Terai (Madhesh) Fast Track in the last week of April has revealed that a huge number of them are employed in the project while only a few Nepali technicians are employed in the project.
Reports say that it has not been disclosed yet how many Chinese nationals have obtained a work permit in Nepal to work on the project.
Moreover, the Nepal Army, the contractor of the national pride project, has not revealed how many foreign technicians have been given labour permits, Khabar Hub reported.
A large number of engineers are losing their jobs at home, workers are being forced to go abroad without getting jobs, and on the other hand, a large number of Chinese citizens are being employed in projects of national pride in Nepal.
The issue of insurance has come up after the death of a worker.
As per the information received from the contractor regarding fast track insurance, Package 1 and Package 2 have not been insured yet. The main reason for this is that the Chinese contractor has been insisting for nine months that the insurance should be in China under its reinsurance company. That is why insurance is being delayed, Khabar Hub said.
Fast Track is a project being undertaken by the Nepal Army.
Citing sources, Khabar Hub reported that the Chinese contractor is trying to get insurance from the private sector Nepal Insurance, Sanima Insurance, and Premier Insurance rather than from the Rastriya Beema Samiti.
The contract was awarded in defiance of a letter from the Parliamentary Accounts Committee to the Ministry of Defence to cancel the contract.
The work of the companies contracted for the proposed 72.6 km Kathmandu-Terai-Madhesh Expressway has not been able to pick up speed.
This has raised fears that the work will be completed on time. The companies’ consultants are getting into disputes, not being able to deliver the goods on time, and insurance and reinsurance problems are causing problems in the fast track work.
The Council of Ministers had given the responsibility of fast track construction to the Nepal Army in April 2017.
This national pride project has a completion target set for 2024.
The estimated cost of the project is Rs 175 billion. This 76.2 km road is the shortest road to link Kathmandu Valley with Terai-Madhesh.