Biden Is Running a Hostage Negotiation With the Taliban

The prospect of thousands of U.S. and allied hostages remaining in Afghanistan without U.S. military assistance leaves the United States and its fellow democracies vulnerable to extortion. International recognition as Afghanistan’s legitimate government will be the Taliban’s critical first step toward gaining additional concessions and resources, such as direct economic […]

China Is OK With Interfering in Guinea’s Internal Affairs

China’s condemnation is something of a surprise, given that Beijing has predicated its foreign policy on the principle of noninterference since 1955—basically staying out of other countries’ “internal affairs,” whether that’s a rebellion, coup, or human rights abuses. China never truly abided by this principle—former Chinese leader Mao Zedong aided […]

Pressured By China, Lithuania Won’t Back Down Over Taiwan

“There are no plans currently to remove the option of opening the representation [office] in Taipei,” Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis told Foreign Policy in a recent interview. “We’re still going with it.” The showdown appears to have degenerated into a stalemate. Beijing recalled its ambassador from Vilnius—the first time […]

Beijing 2022: China Prepares For Winter Olympics Amid Growing Internal Protests

Keeping an eye on the Beijing 2022 Olympics, China is gearing up to open international borders to allow the safe arrival of the Winter Olympics participants next February. Olympics authorities informed that the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics organisers attended the Tokyo Olympics to take valuable lessons and understand strategies to […]