U.S.-China Detente Would Pose Its Own Dangers

Already the economic costs of confrontation and technological decoupling are pushing business and political leaders to advocate a modus operandi of defusing the tension. Other areas of possible cooperation might drive a push for de-escalation. A majority of Americans and allied populations, especially in Europe, consider climate change a top […]

China Slams UK’s Military Intelligence Report, Says MI6 ‘seeing Too Many James Bond Films’

China on Friday expressed displeasure over UK intelligence that alleged indirect interference of the Chinese government in the UK Parliament. Slamming the intelligence reports published by UK Military Intelligence, Section 5 (MI5) in which it said a British lawyer of Chinese descent is “involved in political interference activities” in the […]

University In Netherlands Hit By Funding Scandal, Stops Accepting Donations From China

A Dutch university in Amsterdam will no longer accept donations from China to support a human rights centre. The university was under the government’s radar for the possibility of espionage for the Chinese government. This comes after media reported that the Vrije Universiteit (Free University) of Amsterdam had received funding […]