Chinese Intelligence officer involved in anti-MCC propaganda

KATHMANDU: Chinese national Ning Lin’s name features at the top of the security authorities’ list (obtained by Khabarhub under strict anonymity of not revealing the security agencies’ identity) of those involved in crafting anti-MCC rhetoric in Nepal. According to the secret report, Lin, (also known as “Oscar Ning”), a Chinese […]

Is Durand line dispute enough for Pakistan to not to consider Taliban

Islamabad, Pakistan: Pakistan might rework on its foreign policy in order to include Taliban in its policies. The Durand Line divides the traditional Pashtun homelands in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The border was mainly porous until recently fenced and heavily guarded due to the tribal, linguistic, social, and economic ties, reported […]

Biden Is Flagging on Kleptocracy

Without leadership from the White House, the summit has turned into another nongovernmental organization engagement merry-go-round useful to neither the administration nor anti-corruption activists. The lackluster engagement with the United Nations General Assembly special session on corruption has been a taste of things to come. The first disappointment is the […]

Why BRICS Still Matters

But this dismissive view reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of how institutions like BRICS work in international relations and why they matter. Importantly, it misses the motivations of BRICS members, particularly China and India, who remain committed to the institution. This attention stood in contrast to U.S. media coverage, where there […]