Taiwan’s Outlying Islands Are at Risk

The skyscrapers fade from view in the gentle light of dusk, but around the Taiwanese island things are far from peaceful these days. Out in the Taiwan Strait, near-daily incursions of Chinese military aircraft into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone have continued unabated since former U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi […]

What TikTok Has on You

And TikTok collects a lot: It can access users’ names, ages, phone numbers, email addresses, details about the devices and mobile networks they’re using, keystrokes, messages on the app, and even biometric information such as “faceprints and voiceprints,” according to the app’s privacy policy. TikTok’s algorithm also tracks what users […]

India Enhanced Overall Military Capability In 2022

India embarked on a major overdrive in 2022 to significantly bolster its overall military prowess and focused on its strategic goals in South Asia as a fresh attempt of transgression in the Tawang sector by the Chinese troops amid the unresolved eastern Ladakh border standoff renewed the focus on the […]