Is Biden’s Foreign Policy Grade A Material?

Is America back? U.S. President Joe Biden came into office vowing to reset the United States’ standing in the world and repair ties with its allies after its tumultuous Trump era. But his first year in office has been rocked by a series of foreign-policy crises—from Kabul to Kyiv—that have […]

The Chinese Communist Party’s Big Year

Here are five of Foreign Policy’s best takes on Xi and the party’s power during China’s centenary year. But the centenary was still an assertion of the Chinese Communist Party’s power—and of the increasingly dictatorial role of Chinese President Xi Jinping, who has consolidated more power than any Chinese leader […]

South Asia Has a Connectivity Disconnect

If you would like to receive South Asia Brief in your inbox every Thursday, please sign up here . The highlights this week: India and Pakistan chart divergent connectivity paths in South Asia, a rare terrorist attack strikes Islamabad, and a $500 million infrastructure grant goes unratified in Nepal. Welcome […]

Chinese Officials Arrest Over 2,500 ‘fugitives’ Abroad During COVID Pandemic: Report

According to a new investigation, Chinese officials arrested around 2,500 “fugitives” from abroad and returned them to China during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Guardian report, the fugitives were apprehended as part of a programme that used tactics ranging from family intimidation to “state-sanctioned kidnapping.” In a report released […]