Sher bahadur Deuba government looking forward to strengthen ties with India

Kathmandu, Nepal: Sher Singh Deuba took the oath to be the Prime Minister of Nepal. According to the experts his regime might bring better relations with India. India-Nepal relations have been turbulent since 2015 when Kathmandu promulgated a new constitution through a historic Constituent Assembly, which New Delhi found problematic […]

Agitated China from US’s Taiwan support releases list of its interference

China, on Friday, accused America of meddling in the affairs of Hong Kong and released a list that highlights ‘100 times’ when Washington allegedly supported anti-China protesters. Launching a scathing attack on its geopolitical rival, Beijing pointed out that even an administration change in the US could not stop the […]

The people of Afghanistan are facing hard time and after the take over of Taliban, mostof the governmental offices are closed and their wages are not paid yet. Geti, a teacher at a government school, returned to her job a week after the Taliban came to power, but she has […]