India Enhanced Overall Military Capability In 2022

India embarked on a major overdrive in 2022 to significantly bolster its overall military prowess and focused on its strategic goals in South Asia as a fresh attempt of transgression in the Tawang sector by the Chinese troops amid the unresolved eastern Ladakh border standoff renewed the focus on the […]

China’s COVID-19 Failure Isn’t a Win for Democracy

Autocratic governments “can’t admit mistakes and won’t accept evidence they don’t like,” the New York Times’ Paul Krugman crowed . “China’s economy won’t surpass America’s in size by 2035 after all,” because of Xi’s COVID-19 policies, gloated the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board, citing a Japanese research paper and linking […]

The M1 Abrams Is the Right Tank for the Job in Ukraine

With its defense industry seriously damaged by months of Russian missile strikes, Ukraine has two primary paths to acquire the additional MBTs it needs. One is to obtain and modernize the diminishing stock of Soviet-era tanks scattered across Eastern Europe and scour for whatever 125 mm smoothbore ammunition remains—or they […]

Biden’s Half-Hearted Policy Towards Southeast Asia

But showing up in Southeast Asia was not the only way the administration stepped up its engagement. In May, Biden hosted a historic U.S.-ASEAN Special Summit at the White House, bringing together nearly all ASEAN leaders. (Myanmar’s junta leader was not invited , and then-Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte did not […]

Why Did China Banish Its Chief ‘Wolf Warrior’?

If you would like to receive China Brief in your inbox every Wednesday, please sign up here . The highlights this week: Prominent Chinese diplomat Zhao Lijian gets moved out of the public eye, the U.S. Congress forms a new committee on strategic competition with Beijing, and China-South Korea relations […]

China’s Government Is a Self-Made COVID-19 Victim

Drugstore shelves throughout the country have been emptied of all medicines related to fever and cold symptoms. The few vetted, prescription antiviral COVID-19 treatments available in much of the rest of the world, such as Paxlovid, are almost impossible to find; when available, they cost an arm and a leg. […]

China Can No Longer Deny Its Shrinking Population

If you would like to receive China Brief in your inbox every Wednesday, please sign up here . The highlights this week: China records negative population growth for the first time in decades, the government’s new COVID-19 death toll remains a serious underestimate, and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He speaks […]

What TikTok Has on You

And TikTok collects a lot: It can access users’ names, ages, phone numbers, email addresses, details about the devices and mobile networks they’re using, keystrokes, messages on the app, and even biometric information such as “faceprints and voiceprints,” according to the app’s privacy policy. TikTok’s algorithm also tracks what users […]