How Far Will Xi Go to Help a Desperate Putin?

Indeed, Xi is wedded to Putin’s war because China has much to gain geopolitically from a Russian victory and potentially even more to lose from a Russian defeat. And, just as important, Xi supports Putin’s revisionism , despite the fact that Beijing has gone out its way to avoid violating […]

North Korea’s Ballistic Missile Threats

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War Over Taiwan Is Nowhere Near Inevitable

The Chinese Communist Party wants the international community to accept that China’s approach to Taiwan is governed by some supposedly immutable law of cross-strait physics: For every action on the part of Taiwan or its foreign supporters, there will be a disproportionate and opposite reaction. As a Chinese foreign ministry […]

Russia and China Can’t Get Anyone to Like Them

The seeming contradiction between authoritarians’ growing investment in international influence and persistently negative views of these powers abroad is evident in recent research, like the European Think Tank Network on China’s 2021 report “China’s Soft Power in Europe: Falling on Hard Times.” The report examined 17 countries in which China’s […]

The Russian Warship and the South China Sea

For decades, the U.S. Navy’s surface battle groups have been able to steam up to the enemy’s coastline pretty much uncontested. As late as April 13, Russians felt similarly confident about the Black Sea, historically dominated by Russian naval power. Ukraine’s use of a couple of souped-up Kh-35 missiles looks […]

Putin Faces Military ‘Debacle’

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