The Intellectual Foundations of the Biden Revolution

The unexpected four years of the Donald Trump presidency took U.S. foreign and domestic policies in troubling directions. Frontally rejecting all the pillars of what he took to be the bipartisan establishment’s foreign policy, Trump set the United States on a boldly different path. He rejected long-standing alliance commitments, calling […]

Biden at Six Months: How Successful Is His Foreign Policy?

China: Biden Has Embraced ‘Strategic Competition’ By Kevin Rudd, president of the Asia Society and former Australian prime minister When U.S. President Joe Biden entered office, some in Beijing assumed the new administration would move quickly to “reset” U.S.-China relations, scale back trade tariffs, and reduce sanctions imposed over the […]

Kadhimi Visits the White House

If you would like to receive Morning Brief in your inbox every weekday, please sign up here . Here is today’s Foreign Policy brief: U.S. President Joe Biden plans to announce troop withdrawal from Iraq , Tunisia ’s president dismisses its prime minister following anti-government protests, and floods in India […]

Be Wary of China Threat Inflation

Plenty. The China threat is being inflated in ways that, as with the Soviet threat in the Cold War and terrorism post-9/11, are counterproductive for foreign-policy strategy and distort domestic politics in dangerous ways. The China threat helped pass an over $200 billion international competitiveness bill with rare bipartisan support. […]

Why China Is Cracking Down on Private Tutoring

The highlights this week: Chinese regulators upend the $120 billion private education industry with new measures, Beijing issues an itemized list of grievances to U.S. diplomats, and a COVID-19 outbreak in Nanjing raises concerns over the delta variant. Welcome to Foreign Policy’s China Brief. The highlights this week: Chinese regulators […]