At the most recent G20 meeting, every member and the chair India pushed for China to join in a constructive way and put politics aside. Every participating nation wants China to help with global climate, multilateral development bank reform, debt relief and technology initiatives.

This year’s summit was held in New Delhi and focused on a unified response to the pandemic and the economic recovery. It was also important for leaders to recognize the value of global collaboration when working on financing solutions that will aid developing countries.

The US president, Joe Biden, expressed American’s commitment to a multilateral approach which entailed China’s participation in the G20. He also mentioned how his administration supports the idea of debt relief for the less developed economies, as well as the use of technology to integrate economic aid.

Indeed, Chinese President Xi Jinping made it clear that China can be a strong participant in the help poor nations recover from the economic crisis aroused by the pandemic. He promised Chinese support for smaller nations, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic relief.

He emphasized this by stating that in addition to helping the underdeveloped, China also has a strong determination in addressing environmental issues that are rapidly deteriorating the global health. He also assured his fellow members that it will play a great role in addressing the current global problems.

Although the Chinese leader did not specify how this recovery would be achieved in the meeting, his comment was long and trenchant, making real the hope that China will have a positive engagement in every global projects.

For India, it was a great opportunity to bring modernisation and innovation across the world. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the head of the summit, and he committed to create the necessary infrastructure to ensure the continued development of all nations.

Despite the tension between the US and China, the all the leaders agreed that global collaboration is necessary at this time and the G20 was the ideal platform for this. India leaders expressed optimism that China will move away from political interests and instead work to solve global problems.

In conclusion, while the US and China have yet to reach common ground, with the summit’s chair andother members actively encouraging cooperation between the two nations, it is hoped that the G20 will succeed in achieving economic aid relief to the developing countries. Despite the tension between the two powers, leaders are setting aside their differences in the face of global cooperation.