The government of Nepal said on Friday that neighbors and the world community should recognise the country’s most recent map, which was overwhelmingly adopted by the federal Parliament in 2020, after China’s publishing of a “standard map” displaying its expanded borders.

Regarding the’standard map’ of China that was unveiled on August 28, a representative of the Foreign Ministry said that the government firmly believes that “Nepal’s map must be respected by our neighbors as well as the international community.”

According to the Ministry, Nepal is steadfast and unwavering in its political and administrative strategy, and it is still dedicated to settling border disputes via negotiation and diplomacy.

The absence of the Lipulekh, Kalapani, and Limpiyadhura regions as belonging to Nepal has caused a stir in Kathmandu due to the new Chinese map. In May 2020, Nepal released a new map that featured the three places that are purportedly part of Indian “territory.” A few months after India produced its own map with the territories included, Kathmandu released its own version of the map.

The Aksai Chin area and Arunachal Pradesh in India are shown as being on China’s territory on the map that was made public on Monday.

There was pressure on the Nepali government to address the problem of the outdated map of the country. Five nations, including India, have expressed disapproval of the map that China posted.

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