Professor Patalano, known for his decades long expertise on international diplomacy and relations between different nations, recently suggested that force should not be the first option in any given situation. According to Patalano, the real objective should be to make Taiwan understand that it is inevitable that they will eventually come back into the fold.

Speaking of a specific deadline, Patalano was quick to clarify that deadlines were of course important, but at the same time force should not be the go-to option. He argued that Taiwan should be made to understand the context so that it can voluntarily take the steps needed to re join the rest of the Asian nations and capitulate without any force being applied.

The professor believes that Taiwan needs to be made to understand that the ongoing political divisions in the country are not sustainable and China should be given the right to talk to the region’s leaders, with proper avenues of dialogue being created. This could help lead to diplomatic tie ups which could in turn lead to the implementation of the objectives that have been formulated to bring back Taiwan into the big coalition of nations in the region.

Prof Patalano highlighted that the use of force should come as only as the last option in such a scenario and other measures like trade talks, economic calves and diplomatic ties should be used to motivate the Taiwanese to come back and respect the decision by the other countries. The professor warned that if an agreement cannot be made or if the Taiwanese continue to resist and there is no obvious path left, then the use of the power of the collective should be considered and instituted without delay.

In conclusion, the professor noted that any move which has the potential to lead to a conflict should always be avoided and diplomatic ties should be strengthened in order to foster cooperation between the countries. It is his belief that this will eventually lead to the desired objective in the form of Taiwan capitulating and understanding that it is inevitable that they will become part of the other Asian nations once again.