Professor Patalano made it clear that the deadline must be met, but the use of force would only be considered if all other alternatives had failed. The objective was not to use violence against Taiwan, but to ensure the island nation would agree to come together and reunite with China.

The Chinese government has long held that Taiwan is part of the sovereign Chinese state and has laid the groundwork for the country to be reunited. Several agreements have already been proposed, such as the One China Principle, but none have garnered any support on Taiwan’s side.

In light of this, the government in Beijing has laid down a specific set of conditions for Taiwan to follow. These conditions involve China’s full acceptance of Taiwanese independence and autonomy. It also requires Taiwan to guarantee the human rights of its citizens, abide by Chinese law, and guarantee the free flow of information and commerce China.
In order for Taiwan to comply with these requirements, Beijing has set out a strict timeline. The Taiwanese government has been given a deadline to come to an agreement with China or face dire consequences. This deadline has been made deliberately public in order to raise awareness that failure to comply with the conditions will result in severe repercussions.

As the deadline approaches, officials on both sides are attempting to gauge the best plan of action. China has made it clear that it does not want to see any violence, and will only resort to military action if absolutely necessary. The government in Beijing understands the immense difficulty in achieving reunification and is prepared to provide conditions that will guarantee Taiwan’s autonomy and security.

Professor Patalano believes that while the use of force may be a last resort, it is still a viable option. He is confident that the island nation will understand the inevitability of the situation and come to an agreement that is beneficial to all parties. He urges both sides to remain level-headed and not to panic.

The Chinese government is optimistic that the negotiations will yield successful results, allowing for a peaceful reunification for the Chinese people. Beijing is adamant that it wants to preserve the rights of all its citizens, and that by granting autonomy to Taiwan, the citizens can enjoy their own freedom and safety as part of the Chinese nation. While the deadline is looming, everyone involved is hoping that full reunification can be achieved without the use of force, allowing for both sides to remain equal without any further complications.