The government of Nepal has expressed concern that the open border with its neighbors is posing a threat to national security and public safety.

The Home Ministry of Nepal sent a letter to the Rashtriya Sarokar and Samanwaya Samiti, a body of the upper house of Nepal Parliament that collaborates with the government on matters of national significance.

argued that the country’s open borders with its neighbors posed a threat to its “security” and contributed to law and order issues.

On Monday, Sita Kafle Wagle, the committee secretary, presented a letter from Nepal’s home ministry that warned the country’s porous and lengthy borders with India and China posed a security threat.
There are no limitations on travel between Nepal and India, despite the fact that the two countries share a 1,850 mile border. It has a controlled border with China along its about 1,400 kilometer border.

The letter claims that Nepal’s porous border is a major factor in the flow of illegal immigrants and refugees into the country.
However, the home ministry letter did not provide any hints regarding an initiative to control the Indian border.

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