Mahesh Singh Pandit, a passenger from Nepal, began verbally criticizing the staff members in economy class after switching from seat 26E to seat 26F.

According to sources, a Nepalese citizen has been charged by the Delhi Police for assaulting a flight attendant and damaging the restroom door after the Air India aircraft took off from Toronto.
The cabin supervisor, Aditya Kumar, said in the First Information Report that a customer called Mahesh Singh Pandit, a citizen of Nepal, switched seats from 26E to 26F and began verbally harassing the staff members serving passengers in economy class.

According to Mr. Kumar’s complaint, the crew members warned the pilot in charge and issued an oral warning to the passenger when he began verbally abusing them. Later, after lunch service, a smoke alarm went off. He smelt smoke as soon as he opened the bathroom door and caught the passenger with a lighter.

He shoved me back and sprinted to seat 26F as I opened the door in front of the passenger. He shoved and verbally insulted me when I attempted to stop him. He afterwards shattered LAV door 3F-RC. Following my quick notification of the captain, we attempted to detain him in accordance with SOP with the assistance of Punit Sharma, a member of the cabin crew, and the other four passengers, Mr. Kumar said.

The cabin manager also said in his FIR that 10 more passengers helped to detain the guilty individual. However, they subsequently learned that the accused was also attempting to beat the passengers.

“We successfully detained the accused person with the assistance of 10 other passengers and two cabin staff members. When I returned to my assigned first class after that, however, I learned that he was still attempting to outrun the passengers, the man stated.

At IGI Police Station, Delhi Police filed a report under sections 323/506/336 of the Indian Penal Code and 22, 23, and 25 of the Aircraft Rules.

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