Seema Haider, a Pakistani lady who was detained for trying to enter India illegally via Nepal to be with Sachin, an Indian guy she met through the PUBG mobile software, has made a request of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to let her remain in India. Haider allegedly threatened to “stone her to death” if she returned to Pakistan.

In an interview with AajTak, Seema made the following appeal to Yogi Adityanath: “Please let me remain back in India with Sachin. I’ll be stoned to death if you send me back to Pakistan. I’d rather pass away here than return to Pakistan. She filed an appeal after being granted bail on Saturday morning.

On July 4, Seema, Sachin, and Sachin’s father were all taken into jail and given a 14-day judicial hold in Ballabhgarh, Haryana. But on Saturday, they were freed on bond. After a lawyer they sought about getting married told the police about Haider’s unauthorized entrance into India via Nepal, the three were detained.

On July 4, the couple publicly proclaimed their love to one another in front of the media and the police. They pleaded with the authorities to let them wed and live together in India.
She also denied the assertions made by her husband Ghulam Haider in his letter to the Indian authorities. She said that she hasn’t lived with Ghulam for the last four years but continued to claim that her husband used to beat her and torment her by sprinkling chili pepper on her face.

Seema went on to say that she wants to remain with Sachin since he has adopted all four of her children.

In a video appeal, Ghulam Haider pleaded with the Narendra Modi administration to return his wife and kids to Pakistan so that they may once again be a family. Additionally, he said that PUBG was used to persuade and seduce his wife into traveling to India.

He expressed his thanks by working with the Indian media, through which he was able to discover the location of his wife and children, and thanked them for their “unexpected support.”

2019 saw the introduction of Sachin and Seema, who later became close friends. In March of this year, Seema and Sachin traveled to Nepal from India and Pakistan, where they finally got to meet in person after almost three years.

They stayed together for seven days and agreed to get together once more later. After then, the two became closer to one another to the point where Seema made the decision to go to India and live with Sachin in Greater Noida.

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