KP Oli made his comments in reaction to PM Prachanda’s statements about Sardar Pritam Singh, a successful trucking businessman in Nepal.
KP Oli, a former prime minister of Nepal, said on Friday that India shouldn’t be included in the debate surrounding Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda’s recent claims that an Indian businessman tried to succeed him as prime minister.
He made them in reaction to PM Prachanda’s statements about Sardar Pritam Singh, a successful Nepalese trucking businessman.

Mr. Prachanda said, “He (Singh) had previously attempted to make me the prime minister.

During a book launch event, Prachanda had said, “He made several trips to Delhi and had many rounds of discussions with political leaders in Kathmandu to make me the prime minister.”

His comments sparked a debate, drew condemnation from a variety of sources, and caused Parliament to pause.

In response to the comments made by PM Prachanda, Mr. Oli stated: “India is well aware that interfering in the government formation in Nepal would be a violation of Nepal’s sovereignty and it has not done so and will not do so.”

Additionally, he said that Mr. Singh had denied PM Prachanda’s assertion that he had traveled to New Delhi to install the CPN-UML leader as prime minister.

Mr. Singh reportedly stated: “I have not traveled to Delhi to appoint Prachanda Prime Minister,” according to Mr. Oli. I don’t understand why the Prime Minister is claiming that I went to Delhi to install him as Prime Minister.

Speaking at a UML student wing event in Kathmandu, Mr. Oli said that Mr. Singh made these comments during a news conference.
“Friendly nation India has never before said that it would help Nepal form its government. India is fully aware that saying such a thing would violate Nepal’s sovereignty, according to Mr. Oli.

“India never says so, but our Prime Minister is saying that Nepal’s sovereignty doesn’t lie in the Nepali people or the Parliament, and the government is not formed by Parliament, but it will be made by running to Delhi,” he stated.

He described the comments made by PM Prachanda as a “blow to our national sovereignty and nationalism.”

Mr. Oli said that his party was open to have discussions with the government in order to resolve the nation’s present problems.

The former prime minister stated in his speech to the All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU) at the 10th National Gathering in Kritipur on Friday that his party was prepared to engage discussions with the governing side about current issues affecting the country.

Due to Mr. Prachanda’s recent comments, the UML has been disrupting Parliament sessions for the last three days.

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“We are open to joining the talks wherever the ruling side invites us — be it in Parliament or outside,” he said.

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