According to reports, the Wagner Group, a private military corporation located in Russia, has attracted Nepali Gurkhas to its ranks. Following a recent revision in Russian citizenship restrictions, according to The Economic Times, Nepali teenagers have joined the Wagner Group as contract soldiers, drawn by the promise of Russian citizenship and greater possibilities. LiveMint was unable to independently confirm the claim.

Concerns have been raised by this development since Nepali Gurkhas, who are known for their fearsome fighting prowess, have started this project on their own without receiving any official support from the Nepali government. Strategic analyst for the Nepal Army and retired major general Binoj Basnyat voiced concern about the predicament while pointing out the government’s limited capacity to act.

In the past, there have been rumors of young people from Nepal enlisting in the Ukrainian army to fight Russian soldiers. The British colonial army has traditionally hired the Gurkhas, who are known for their battle skill, and they have found work in nations like India, France, and Singapore.

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