The artwork that was put up in the new Indian Parliament building sparked debate in Nepal. The Nepali government has now requested a report on the painting from its embassy in Delhi.
The mural painted in the new Indian Parliament building has stirred some controversy in the Himalayan country, and the Nepali government has asked its embassy there to investigate the matter and report back, according to the country’s foreign minister on Tuesday.

Foreign Minister N.P. Saud responded to questions from lawmakers during the International Relations Committee (IRC) meeting of the federal parliament on Tuesday by stating that Minister for External Affairs S. Jaishankar had already made India’s position official that the map was a cultural issue and did not involve any political issue.

The Indian foreign minister explained to a parliamentary committee that the painting in the recently built Indian parliament building shows the enlarged realm of Indian monarch Ashoka.

When asked about Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda’s” recent official visit to India, Saud responded, “After discussing with the Indian side, instructions have already been issued to the Nepalese Embassy to send a report on the matter.”

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