The managers of the Nepali and Indian border districts have agreed to clear the no-man’s-land and fix the damaged boundary pillars.

In a meeting conducted on Monday in Kishanganj, India, the Nepal-India Border District Coordination Committee decided to take down the buildings in the no-man’s land.

Birendra Kumar Yadav, the top district officer of Morang, led the Nepalese delegation to the conference, while Shrikant Shastri, the magistrate of the Kishanganj district in the Bihar state, headed the Indian delegation.

District Magistrate Shastri said that an agreement has been reached to prevent encroachment inside the territory that is between the two nations’ boundaries. It was also decided to look for the boundary pillars that had been lost and swept away by the river before putting them back where they belonged.

In a same vein, Chief District Officer of Morang, Yadav, said that authorities from both nations’ border regions had cordially addressed 14 various topics. He said that Nepal has asked the Indian side to handle crucial concerns including the terrorization of elephants, the drug trade, human trafficking, and smuggling. He said that “they agreed to work together in controlling criminal incidents along the border areas.”

According to Durgaraj Regmi, the Superintendent of Police for the Jhapa district, the conference also covered the routine inspection of cars passing through the border region and the sharing of information to help in the capture of criminals.

Along Jhapa and 53 kilometers along Morang, Nepal and India share a border.

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