Nepal has begun an endeavor to run a direct flight from Yagun, the Myanmar capital, to Bhairahawa’s Gautam Buddha International Airport (GBIA).

If there is a direct flight from Myanmar, a nation with a majority of Buddhists, the number of visitors would grow in Lumbini and the air traffic will also increase in GBIA, according to the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB).

The NTB held a high-level meeting with stakeholders on Tuesday in Kathmandu. Participants included the executive director of Myanmar National Airlines, the ambassadors of Nepal and Myanmar, as well as senior members of the ministries of culture, tourism, and civil aviation.

The Nepali side of the conversation said that Nepal is prepared to provide the required support if Myanmar is willing to allow a direct flight from Myanmar to Bhairahawa. The Myanmar team has been asked by Nepal to continue the procedure.

The vice president of the Lumbini Development Fund, Maitya Shakyaputta, underlined the positive ties between Nepal and Myanmar during the discussion program. She also predicted that more visitors from Myanmar would go to Lumbini if there were a direct flight.

As part of continuing negotiations with the government of Myanmar regarding a direct flight between Myanmar and Bhairahawa, Nepali Ambassador to Myanmar Harish Chandra Ghimire voiced his opinion that the Myanmar team traveling to Nepal would strengthen the flight.

Sen O, the ambassador of Myanmar to Nepal, expressed optimism for the direct flight and pledged to notify about any new opportunities after carefully examining its technical details.

Likewise, after visiting GBIA, Captain Kup Khanmung, executive chief of Myanmar National Airlines, claimed to have returned to Kathmandu. He expressed his satisfaction with the direct flight. Additionally, he said that the appropriate technical and business concepts would be discussed moving ahead.

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