Anurag Maloo: A Kishangarh, Rajasthan, inhabitant, Anurag Maloo is 34 years old.

Rescuers have discovered a living climber, Anurag Maloo from India, who went missing earlier this week after plunging into a deep chasm on Nepal’s Mount Annapurna, according to his brother, according to news agency PTI. Anurag Maloo’s condition is still serious. “He was discovered alive. Although he was admitted to the hospital in a severe condition, he is still alive, according to his brother Sudhir.

We will now need to turn our attention to the medical aspect, he said.

The 34-year-old Kishangarh, Rajasthan, inhabitant is named Anurag Maloo. After falling from a height of around 6,000 meters on Monday while leaving Camp III, he became lost. The tenth-highest peak in the world is named Mount Annapurna.

Anurag Maloo’s goal is to climb all 14 peaks higher than 8,000 meters as well as the seven highest summits on each of the seven continents. REX Karam- Veer Chakra has been given to him. He was also appointed India’s 2041 Youth Ambassador to the Antarctic.

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