The Indian Embassy in Nepal has alerted the foreign ministry that the extremist leader may attempt to flee to a third country using a false or Indian visa.

Amritpal Singh, a wanted extremist cleric thought to be sheltering in Nepal, was added to the nation’s monitoring list on Monday after India asked Nepal to prevent him from leaving the country using an Indian visa or any other false passport and to capture him if he does so.

Amritpal Singh may have entered Nepal, according to a written memo and a duplicate of his visa that the department got from the (Indian) consulate, according to Kamal Prasad Pandey, the department’s information manager.

Amritpal, a member of a dissident organization, has been asked to be added to the department’s monitoring roster, according to a letter the Indian consulate sent, Pandey said. He was thought to have invaded Nepal and be concealing out somewhere.

The message from the Indian embassy here wasn’t immediately confirmed.

Previously, the Kathmandu Post newspaper claimed that the Indian Consulate in Kathmandu had asked the government agencies to detain Amritpal if he attempted to leave Nepal in a letter sent to the department of foreign services on Saturday.

The newspaper reported, citing a duplicate of the message it had received, that Singh was presently fleeing in Nepal.

“The respected minister is asked to notify the department of immigration not to enable Amritpal Singh to journey through Nepal for any third country and apprehend him if he tries to flee Nepal using an Indian Visa or any other false passport,” it said.

The message and Amritpal’s personal information have been distributed to all relevant organizations, including motels and flights, according to the paper, which cited a number of sources.

Amritpal has been on the run since March 18, when the authorities began a raid on him. He is alleged to have numerous papers with various names.

When his cavalcade was stopped in Punjab’s Jalandhar region, the illusive cleric managed to sneak through the police’s trap and flee their search.

The Union Home Ministry has ordered all security organizations to maintain a state of heightened vigilance along the Nepal-India boundary.

According to My Republica daily, which cited ministry sources, the directive was issued at the behest of Indian security personnel, and the Nepal-India frontier region has been on “high alert” for the past two days.

The story cited sources when it claimed that because Amritpal could enter the country through Kapilvastu in western Nepal, the police in civilian clothes have increased their patrols in the border region.

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