In the Corruption Perceptions Index, Nepal has moved up seven spots (CPI). According to a 2022 assessment released by Transparency International Nepal, Nepal received 34 out of a possible 180 points, placing it in 110th place overall. With 33 points, it was ranked 117th in 2021. 

Transparency International Nepal organised an event to inform the public about the state of the globe and Nepal in CPI. 

“In comparison to 2021, imports and exports fell in 2022. Because of the drop in corruption related to import and export, Nepal received higher points in the World Economic Forum survey “, according to Padmini Pradhananga, TI Nepal’s chair.

Somalia is in worst place with 12 points, while Denmark is in first place with 90 points. 58 of the 180 nations have accumulated more than 50 points. The CPI in Nepal was surveyed by six different international organisations: World Bank, World Economic Forum, Global Insight, Bartelesmann Foundation, World Justice, and Varieties of Democratic Project (V-Dem). 

The survey covered a wide range of subjects, including the performance of public office holders at work, access to information by civil society, import and export, public service, contracts, judicial rulings, trade, and business, as well as corruption, bribery, and the abuse of public office by members of the government, parliament, judiciary, and security agencies for personal gain. 

Every year, Transparency Intentional releases its Corruption Perceptions Index.

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