India Enhanced Overall Military Capability In 2022

India embarked on a major overdrive in 2022 to significantly bolster its overall military prowess and focused on its strategic goals in South Asia as a fresh attempt of transgression in the Tawang sector by the Chinese troops amid the unresolved eastern Ladakh border standoff renewed the focus on the […]

Our Most Read Stories of 2022

Of course, much of the world’s attention focused on a single historic crisis: Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine—the largest armed conflict in Europe since World War II, which has tested NATO and raised the specter of nuclear war. The list below shows that Foreign Policy readers were consistently […]

Biden’s Half-Hearted Policy Towards Southeast Asia

But showing up in Southeast Asia was not the only way the administration stepped up its engagement. In May, Biden hosted a historic U.S.-ASEAN Special Summit at the White House, bringing together nearly all ASEAN leaders. (Myanmar’s junta leader was not invited , and then-Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte did not […]

‘Strategic Ambiguity’ Has the U.S. and Taiwan Trapped

Strategic ambiguity typically is understood as deliberately creating uncertainty in Beijing and Taipei about whether the United States would intervene in a war. This supposedly creates dual deterrence : The threat of U.S. intervention prevents China from invading, and the fear of U.S. abandonment prevents Taiwan from sparking a war […]

Taiwan’s Outlying Islands Are at Risk

The skyscrapers fade from view in the gentle light of dusk, but around the Taiwanese island things are far from peaceful these days. Out in the Taiwan Strait, near-daily incursions of Chinese military aircraft into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone have continued unabated since former U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi […]