How Would a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan Play Out?

Maj. Tom Mouat watches with dismay. This is not how things usually play out. “We’ve got to a shooting war, which is really depressing,” he said. The British war-gaming expert has run this simulation before. Normally, when pitting Beijing’s ambitions of control against its democratic neighbor’s commitment to self-governance, conflict […]

Modi’s China Policy Is a Failure

This past November, for the first time since the Galwan clashes, the two leaders met again, this time in Bali, Indonesia, as India assumed the G-20 presidency. Within a few weeks of their handshake, Chinese troops carried out another offensive , this time to occupy a mountain post in the […]

Why Did China Banish Its Chief ‘Wolf Warrior’?

If you would like to receive China Brief in your inbox every Wednesday, please sign up here . The highlights this week: Prominent Chinese diplomat Zhao Lijian gets moved out of the public eye, the U.S. Congress forms a new committee on strategic competition with Beijing, and China-South Korea relations […]