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Kathmandu [Nepal]: The continuous ignorance of Nepal, towards the rising Chinese encroachments within its territory, needs serious introspection and action from Nepal’s side, reported The Singapore Times.

It cited an article by the Nepali daily Himalayan Times to list down several cases where China was found involved in carrying out encroachment within the Nepalese territory.

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops created a veterinary centre for livestock that crossed over into an undefended district in Nepal. China was also found involved in the construction of infrastructure in 2016.

Also, according to the survey document issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, China had encroached on 36 hectares of Nepal’s territory at 10 places along the northern border.

Although several such reports claiming Chinese encroachments into the Nepalese territories often surface, China has always rejected all such claims by calling them ‘smear campaigns’ based on ‘completely unfounded rumours’.

Notably, Nepali officials have also been rejecting such claims, and maintaining “diplomatic silence” on the issue, reported The Singapore Post.

The Singapore Post further cited the article saying that the silence from Nepal’s side has remained despite the power changes in the country. It was there during the rule of the Chinese-friendly communist party in Nepal and is present also under the Nepali Congress.

The article also expressed the fact that the Nepali government and the Nepali media have constantly sidelined these border- related tensions.

On the other hand, the opposition in Nepal has also regularly alleged that the ruling government’s Common Minimum Programme does not include border issues with China.

As per The Singapore Post, this disinterest by the Nepali government in side-lining the matter has hampered the parliamentary process and freedom of expression in the country.

Beijing too is using the weak stance of the Nepali government to continue its stride on its expansionist agenda in the Himalayas and violating the integrity of Nepalese territory.

The Singapore Post believes that Kathmandu should have a document to comprehensively communicate the issues unequivocally. At the same time, Nepal can also collaborate with its South Asian neighbours for challenging Chinese expansionism.

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