In the shadow of giants? How Nepal is navigating the US-China tussle and what it means for India

With general elections due in Nepal in November, Kathmandu-based writer and editor Amish Raj Mulmi looks at the electoral dynamics that may play out, in the third episode of Spotlight South Asia, a special series by the Centre for Policy Research.

Senior Fellow and host Sushant Singh and Mulmi discuss Nepal’s political situation and its year-old ruling coalition headed by Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba. Mulmi also takes stock of Nepal’s economy amid the economic concerns across other countries in the neighbourhood ­– Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Singh and Mulmi analyse the contestations within Nepal over the two controversial agreements with the United States, as well as the complexity of being a site where the US-China tussle plays out.

They look at the shifts in Nepal’s ties and trades with China over the years as well. Mulmi also analyses how major changes in India have affected Nepal, Nepali nationalism and the lingering issues between the two countries.

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