Amid rising tension in the Asia-Pacific region, a top Chinese official stated that the United States will not be successful in “restraining” Beijing by leveraging the situation in the Taiwan Strait. The remarks were made by Li Zhanshu, the chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China, during his meeting with a Russian leader in Moscow on Friday, September 9. “Indeed, the Taiwan question concerns China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Now Taiwan is seeking independence with the help of the US. The US seeks to contain China through Taiwan. This won’t work,” he claimed, as per RT News.

Further, Zhanshu also highlighted the ongoing tussle between Beijing and Washington over US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan on August 2. He accused President Joe Biden-led administration of “treacherously” approving Pelosi’s provocative visit to Taipei. He also claimed that the US was interfering in China’s internal issues and endangering its sovereignty. During his talks with Valentina Matvienko, the chairperson of the Russian parliament’s upper chamber, the Chinese leader also extended his gratitude to Moscow for its unwavering support of Beijing.

Taiwan accuses China of carrying out ‘cognitive warfare’

Meanwhile, Taiwan has accused China of carrying out “cognitive warfare” by spreading false information regarding the self-ruled island. According to Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, China has been continuously conducting military intrusions into nearby waters and airspace. She emphasised that the threat has never subsided and that the situation in the Taiwan Strait is still volatile. “In addition to frequent intrusions by China’s aircraft and ships, China also conducted cognitive warfare, using false information to create disturbance in the minds of people,” Ing-wen remarked, as per the Associated Press.

China has often objected to US leaders’ visits to Taiwan

It is pertinent to mention here that China has repeatedly objected to US leaders’ visits to Taiwan as Beijing asserts absolute sovereignty over Taipei, despite the island’s self-government for more than seven decades. However, Taiwan has countered Chinese aggression by strengthening strategic ties with democracies, particularly the United States. The Chinese Foreign Ministry claimed that the US leaders’ visit to Taiwan represent a flagrant violation of the One-China principle. Meanwhile, the US has vowed to stand by Taiwan by providing all necessary assistance to the self-ruled island to counter China.

Image: AP