As US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may visit Taiwan during her upcoming visit to Asia despite the Chinese threats and fears that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army [PLA] might target her aircraft, the US Republicans on Friday asked President Joe Biden must warn Beijing that any move to harm Washington’s high profile official will be “a declaration of war.”

Questioning US President Joe Biden’s unclear position on the matter, Republicans have demanded that Biden must “make clear to China” a likewise response awaits, should they cause any harm to the House Speaker. The Chinese government had warned that it would take “forceful measures” should Pelosi set foot in self-administered Taiwan as it would amount to a breach of the mainland’s ‘One China policy’. Any move to attack Nancy Pelosi’s plane during her trip to Taiwan would be “tantamount to a declaration of war,” Republican Florida lawmaker and retired Green Beret commander Michael Waltz said in a televised interview with Fox news. Chinese government’s mouthpiece Global Times’ former chief editor Hu Xijin labelled Pelosi’s visit as a United States ‘invasion.’

Slamming the Xi-jinping led governemnt for their incessant threats and rhetoric directed at Pelosi’s visit, retired Green Beret commander Michael Waltz said: “This is unnecessary rhetoric, and the US policy toward Taiwan remains unchanged.”

Biden ‘must take much stronger stance’ against China: Rep lawmaker

Republican lawmaker Waltz slammed Biden for not publicly responding to China, adding that he needs to take a “much stronger stance” and unequivocally show his support for Pelosi. Alleging that the White House was shying away from challenging China, Waltz reminded “this is an unacceptable threat” from China.

He continued, “Once again, we see the Biden White House failing to be clear on what the United States finds acceptable and unacceptable — and in this case, need to make it clear that should any harm come to Speaker Pelosi and her trip to Taiwan, it’s war.” He then iterated that Biden must provide a “clarity” more so now when the US needs it from the commander-in-chief. “And we’re just not getting it,” he stressed.

As Pelosi’s planned visit to self-administered island nation Taiwan is yet to be officially confirmed, China’s People’s Liberation Army shot warnings labelling the trip as a “dangerous provocation.” Pelosi at a press conference yesterday did not confirm the countries she will be visiting, “you’ll be hearing about along the way,” she stressed, not naming Taiwan.

While the People’s Liberation Army Air Force strengthened its aerial power instilling fears that a South Asian regional armed conflict is brewing, a Chinese ministry of defence spokesman warned that his military forces would resort to “strong measures” and that there will be “unthinkable consequences” if the US speaker “insisted on going ahead” and Pelosi set foot on self-ruled Taiwan.