America Needs a Great Opening

That threat has been building for years. Amid the cultural seismic shifts of the 1970s, women around the world started having fewer children. With fewer babies maturing into adults, the working age population—16 to 64—began to decline by the mid-1980s, first in Europe and Asia, then later in the United […]

Don’t Sacrifice Taiwan in the Fight for LGBT Rights

This isn’t the first time an international queer organization has contorted itself to comply with Beijing, which officially claims Taiwan as a part of China, sometimes self-censoring even before the Chinese intervene. Back in 2010, I participated in the Gay Games in Cologne, Germany, with a San Francisco soccer team. […]

Nepal-China relations

China has very persistently pushed its agenda when it comes to containing Nepal’s interactions. KATHMANDU – At least during peace time, diplomacy is all about gesture, decorum and trust. Or, it is expected to be more so when two closest neighbours meet as friends. But Nepal’s Foreign Minister Narayan Khadka’s three-day […]

Actually, the Russian Economy Is Imploding

That these misunderstandings persist is not entirely surprising given the lack of available economic data. In fact, many of the excessively sanguine Russian economic analyses, forecasts, and projections that have proliferated in recent months share a crucial methodological flaw: These analyses draw most, if not all, of their underlying evidence […]