China’s Strategy Needs Study, Not Assumptions

To prevent this, Colby believes the United States must pursue a “strategy of denial” to preserve U.S. dominance in Asia. Cut through the hundred-plus pages of theoretical exposition, and this seems to mean that America should focus its military power on Asia, keep its alliance perimeter in East Asia, and […]

Why Superpower Crises Are a Good Thing

Crises are terrifying, but they can also be clarifying. Diplomatic or military confrontations illuminate the intentions of an adversary. They vividly illustrate the stakes of geopolitical competition. Crises are also opportunities for constructive action: They can catalyze initiatives and investments that will help the United States triumph in the protracted […]

Iran Deal Talks Go Into Overtime

If you would like to receive Situation Report in your inbox every Thursday, please sign up here . Alright, here’s what’s on tap for the day: U.S.-led Iran nuclear deal negotiations extend into overtime, Congress moves to counter Russia and China in the Balkans , and Biden prepares to slap […]

Taiwan Denounces China For Sanctioning Lithuanian Minister, Calls It ‘bullying Action’

Taiwan on Saturday denounced China for sanctioning Lithuania’s Deputy Minister of Transport, Agne Vaiciukeviciute after the Lithuanian delegation made US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi-style Taiwan visit. Labelling the move as a “bullying action”, Taiwan said that China is indulging in groundless behaviour after minister Vaiciukeviciute arrived in Taipei on August […]