China on Friday slammed Taiwan for a delegation visit to Lithuania, saying it breached Vilnius’ commitment to One-China Policy. In a statement, Beijing’s charge d’affaires in Lithuania said, “China expressed the strongest protest over rand firm objection to this.” The Chinese envoy to Vilnius went on to ask Lithuania to adhere to its recognition of the One-China Policy and “not send the wrong signal” to Taipei’s “separatist forces”.

“Lithuania, in disregard of the overall interests of China-Lithuania relations, insists on inviting You Si-kun, a notorious “Taiwan independence” separatist, to visit Lithuania, which seriously violates China’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity, grossly interferes in China’s internal affairs, and recklessly tramples on international law and basic norms governing international relations. China expresses its strong protest over and firm objection to this,” the Office of the Chargé d’Affaires of China in Lithuania said in a statement.

It is pertinent to mention that Lithuania identifies the One-China Policy, under which Beijing considers Taiwan as “an inalienable part” of China. China’s President Xi Jinping has vowed to take back the South East Asian island ideally by “peaceful resolution” but also has warned of asserting military pressure if required. And China disses all Western states that support Taiwan as a nation, especially the US, which has strong bilateral relations with Taipei.

Despite China’s opposition to Taiwan’s international recognition as an ‘independent’ country, Lithuania and Taipei have been developing economic and cultural relations since 2021. Vilnius last year allowed the opening of Taiwan’s de facto embassy in the European Union nation, giving a breakthrough to Taipei on the international platform. The move expectedly infuriated Beijing, resulting in a sharp jibe against Lithuania, further downgrading EU’s relations by blocking its exports.

China warns ‘military action’ if US lawmaker visits Taiwan

Irate China on Friday warned of “military action” if US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan. A Financial Times (FT) report on July 19 said that Pelosi is mulling a Taiwan visit by the end of this month. Taking a note of the same, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian during a presser said the US must face “consequences” if the American lawmaker visited Taipei, effectively defying the three US-China communique that confirm Washington’s commitment to the One China Policy.

“The US must not arrange for Speaker Pelosi to visit the Taiwan region and must stop official interactions with Taiwan, stop creating factors that could lead to tensions in the Taiwan Strait, and follow through on the US commitment of not supporting Taiwan independence,” Zhao said.

The Chinese official added that Beijing will be provoked to take “resolute measures” to hinder Pelosi’s visit, adding that Washington “must assume full responsibility for any ensuing consequences.”

To note, Pelosi’s visit will be the first such by US House Speaker in 25 years.

(Image: AP)