Europe to Africa: Gas for Me but Not for Thee

That’s because one facet of Europe’s about-face on energy has been to diversify its gas supply with an aggressive push to secure long-term contracts in Africa. German officials have pressed Senegal for gas supplies, while Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, and others have reportedly been shopping for gas in Nigeria. Stalled […]

In Sri Lanka, the Military Still Runs the Show

Wickremesinghe’s democratic mandate is questionable. During the 2020 parliamentary election , his United National Party secured only a single seat. Wickremesinghe lost his. Nonetheless, he wrangled his way back into the political arena when he was appointed prime minister by then-President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. It was Wickremesinghe’s sixth time holding the […]

Cold War 2.0 Is Ushering In Nonalignment 2.0

After speaking to former diplomats and scholars in Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia, as well as reading the literature of the new nonalignment, it’s become clear to me that the Western demand to close ranks on Ukraine did not provoke a backlash so much as crystallize ways of thinking […]