The Qatarization of the Middle East

Now, frustrated with wild swings in U.S. regional policy and increasingly doubtful about the constancy of U.S. military support, the rest of the Gulf is in the process of what might be called “Qatarization”: hedging their bets against U.S. power, playing footsie with Tehran, making economic and weapons deals with […]

It’s Africa’s Century—for Better or Worse

For most of the last 2,000 years, the great Chinese and Indian empires were the center of world trade and home to the most sophisticated civilizations. Their growing influence in the world today is the rectification of the anomaly that arose in the 1700s as a result of the yawning […]

Biden and Xi Struggle to Compete in Asia

Meanwhile, Beijing is touting a new scheme of its own, similarly designed to patch a hole in its global strategy. China has been unable to push back effectively against the United States’ global network of alliances and its role as a security guarantor—a role that has, if anything, grown stronger […]

WHO Chief Slams China’s Zero-COVID Policy To Fight Pandemic, Says ‘it’s Not Sustainable’

As China is currently struggling with its worst COVID-19 situation since the 2020 outbreak, the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stated on Tuesday that the “zero-COVID” policy of China is not ‘sustainable’, given the ever-evolving characteristics of the virus. During a press conference, Tedros said, […]

Engagement With China Was Always a Long Shot

Faced with what they regarded as a deadly, double-edged threat, China’s leaders worked diligently to devise and implement a counterstrategy of their own. Highly flexible and adaptive in their choice of means, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) strategists have nevertheless been remarkably constant in their objectives. For over 30 years now […]