Amid escalations in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Wednesday appealed to China to help end Russia’s war in Ukraine. Yellen called on China and warned against it losing credibility in the world if it didn’t help stop the war. Furthermore, the Treasury Secretary also warned Beijing against attempts to undermine sanctions against Moscow.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in a speech in Washington called on China to help end the war in Ukraine or lose its credibility in the world. According to international reports, Yellen further stated that the Chinese government must address its ‘warm relations’ with Moscow and stop the ongoing war. Speaking at the Atlantic Council think tank in Washington, Yellen reiterated the Biden administration’s appeal for China to condemn Russia’s invasion and join the Western countries to stop the war.

During the speech, Yellen also emphasised the Biden administration’s commitment to hold Russia accountable for its violations of international law. She further warned those undermining Western sanctions or face consequences, as reported by international media. It is noteworthy that Treasury Secretary Yellen last week had called on Russia’s expulsion from the Group of 20 major economies forum, and had stated that the US would boycott “several G20 meetings” if Russian officials continues to attend them.

China continues battering US over embargoes on Russia

As the US continues to mull over imposing further embargoes on Russia to decapitate its economy, China on Tuesday, expressed reservations against the US’ monetary sanctions on Moscow. Slamming the US for its approach, Beijing claimed that the world will have to pay the price of the unilateral embargoes being imposed by Washington and further called for avoiding a situation like this by opposing the sanctions.

It is pertinent to note that China has been consistent with its stance of opposing US sanctions as on many previous occasions, it has overtly claimed that the US has been complacent in provoking the war in Europe. Previously, China had hinted that nations whose views on embargoes differed from those of the US would be forced to pay the ‘price.’ Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian had earlier stated that ‘war and sanctions are not the sole choices’ to resolve the ongoing conflict.

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