The Contest of the Century

The list of countries that abstained was more revealing: From Algeria to Zimbabwe, 35 countries chose to sit on the fence. The most important of these were India and China. The former’s hands are probably a bit tied: New Delhi still depends on Moscow for military equipment. But while India […]

Russia Still Looms Over U.S.-India Relationship

If you would like to receive South Asia Brief in your inbox every Thursday, please sign up here . The highlights this week: Russia continues to affect U.S.-India relations amid the conflict in Ukraine, Pakistan’s new prime minister takes office, and Sri Lanka defaults on its foreign debt. Welcome to […]

What Exactly Is America’s China Policy?

That presents Washington with a conundrum. Chinese pronouncements about the country’s global ambitions are notoriously vague, forcing U.S. policymakers to interpret them for hints of Beijing’s strategy—reminiscent of the ways Kremlinologists once tried to divine the Soviet Politburo’s intentions. These interpretations, in turn, can vary greatly depending on a U.S. […]

The Dangers of China’s Decline

Xi Jinping’s China is about to give the world an education in the nuances of decline. Since the onset of its economic reforms in the 1970s, China has long defied predictions that it would soon stumble or collapse. Its spectacular growth challenged prevailing views about the sources of national success […]

The Art of Suffering

THE CHINA ISSUE: This article appears in the Spring 2022 print magazine. Read more stories from the issue, and subscribe to support our journalism. Yet where Lake Changjin 2, set during the Korean War, has been celebrated for its agonizing attention to brutal, snowy battle scenes, Zero Tolerance has come […]