Plane Crash in China Raises Puzzling Questions

If you would like to receive China Brief in your inbox every Wednesday, please sign up here . The highlights this week: A passenger plane crash raises questions because of China’s excellent flight safety record, rising COVID-19 cases prompt a new lockdown strategy, and the United States issues another round […]

What Lessons Does China Take From Putin’s War?

Despite the voices in and outside of China calling for Beijing to overhaul its current Russia policy and recalibrate its relations with Moscow, a major shift of position is unlikely for two reasons. First, abandoning Russia does not solve or alleviate China’s most important external national security challenge, which remains […]

South Korea Must Pick a Side

This reaction was “[q]uite something from a key US partner in Asia that relies for its existence on the security guarantees of others,” Christian Davies, the Financial Times’ Seoul correspondent, tweeted shortly after the invasion. For weeks leading up to the war, Seoul had distanced itself from the U.S.-led sanctions […]

Russia’s Invasion Has Created Victims the World Recognizes

The outpouring of global solidarity for the embattled people of Ukraine is profoundly moving. It’s also striking how much the justified outrage on their behalf exceeds the usual attention that victims of violent conflict receive. The brutal tactics Russia’s forces are employing to devastating effect against Ukrainian cities today are […]

What’s Behind Biden’s Record Defense Budget

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