China’s Omicron Lockdowns Mean More Supply Chain Pain

Now, many of Shenzhen’s and Dongguan’s residents have COVID-19. A new outbreak caused both cities to go into lockdown—only a few weeks after another outbreak also forced several ports in the area to partially close. “Closed highways, lockdowns in an increased number of Chinese cities, infections at an express service […]

Only a Financial NATO Can Win the Economic War

The allies’ strength comes from the size of their domestic markets, their dominance of the production of critical goods and services, and their centrality in the international financial system. But the allies’ coercive powers will be limited unless they can find a way to offset the significant domestic costs of […]

Somaliland Courts U.S. for Independence Recognition

“Even if it takes 100 years for recognition, we will still stand for our identity, we’ll still engage with everybody, and we’ll still dream of a day where Somaliland is recognized as its own country,” Kayd told Foreign Policy in an interview. The Biden administration made clear it had no […]

Ukraine Should Give Investors Second Thoughts on China

They weren’t ready for the Ukraine war. A week before Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine and paratroopers descended from the sky, Western investors appeared bullish on the likely impact the war and Western sanctions would have on Russian equities. Rising oil and gas prices paired with the false optics that […]