In a key development, the top brass of the Indian Army including chief General MM Naravane along with all the Army Commanders is set to carry out an operational review along the international borders with China and Pakistan. On Thursday, the meeting is also said to be carried out owing to the recent changes in the leadership of the Northern and Eastern Command.

The said meeting will be marked as Lt General Manoj Pande’s first meeting as the Vice Chief of Army Staff while Lt General Upendra Dwivedi is the new Northern Army Commander. In addition, Lt Gen RP Kalita takes over as the Eastern Army Commander on February 1.

Lt Gen Dwivedi also served in Somalia and Seychelles

Lt Gen Dwivedi was commissioned into the Jammu And Kashmir Rifles Regiment and has served across a wide spectrum of terrain and operational profiles during the course of his 37-year service. He held several key Command, Staff, and Instructional appointments, and made significant contributions to the organisation.

It is significant to mention here that Lt Gen Dwivedi also served as a staff officer in an Armoured Brigade, the Directorate General of Military Operations, the Military Secretary Branch, and Divisional and Corps Headquarters. He was also posted as an instructor at the Indian Military Academy as well as the Army War College. The senior officer also served in Somalia and Seychelles on two separate occasions. The General Officer also held various positions in the Directorate General of Infantry, including the Director-General of the Infantry and fast-tracked weapon procurement cases, which resulted in significant and visible capability enhancement for the Army.

Major drowning of Chinese soldiers in skirmish with India

Evidence provided by a group of researchers, which The Klaxon has independently built on, appears to support claims that China’s casualties extended well beyond the four soldiers named by Beijing. It also shows extreme lengths Beijing has gone to in order to silence discussion about the battle – in particular, discussion about the true number of Chinese casualties.

“A lot of facts about what really happened, what led to the skirmish, have been hidden by Beijing,” the report of The Klaxon states. “What was told by (China) to the world were mostly fabricated stories. Many blogs and pages have been culled by (Chinese authorities) but digital archives of mainland China reveal a different story,” the report further adds.