How the China Initiative Went Wrong

Last month, federal prosecutors dropped charges against Gang Chen, a professor of mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who was arrested last year for, among other charges, failing to disclose an affiliation with a Chinese university on a grant application he filed with the Energy Department. The government’s […]

‘I Can Think as the Chinese Do’

And it contained this startling assertion: “Culturally, I am an American. But also and simultaneously, culturally I am Chinese. … I can think as the Chinese do, and almost can read their minds.” He added: “I want very much to be a part of the President’s team and included in […]

Economists Are Fueling the War Against Public Health

The other two authors of the report are Scandinavian economists Jonas Herby and Lars Jonung. Herby advises the Center for Political Studies, in Copenhagen, a self-described “independent, liberal, free-market think tank in Denmark” that strongly opposes coronavirus lockdown policies across the Nordic region and is generally anti-regulation. He is also […]