As the number of ‘highly mutated’ Omicron instances have been increasing in China, Beijing has recently recorded its first local Omicron case only a few weeks before the Winter Olympic Games. The afflicted individual, works and resides in Haidian, Beijing’s northwestern district, and has not shown any recent travel information outside of Beijing. According to authorities, who verified the illness during a news conference on Saturday, the person began experiencing COVID-19 symptoms on Thursday and was tested then on Friday, AP reported.

Further, the home premise and workplace of the Beijing sufferer have already been sealed off, and officials are mass-testing everyone who has been connected to either area for the coronavirus. This infection occurs fewer than three weeks before the inauguration ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games on February 4, as well as approximately two weeks before the commencement of Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations.

Chinese cities with Omicron cases

Apart from Beijing, Omicron cases have also been detected in a number of Chinese cities such as Shanghai, Xi’an in western China, Zhuhai as well as Zhongshan in southern Guangdong province, and Tianjin. In addition to this, officials around the nation have advised citizens to spend the new year in their cities rather than returning to their hometowns. In order to prevent community transmission, China has implemented a stringent “zero-Covid” policy, with officials closing down housing complexes and even entire towns like Xi’an when a local outbreak is identified. As per The Global Times, a state-owned publication, 2,430 persons have been examined as of Saturday night.

COVID-19 tally in China

On Saturday, China recorded 119 additional coronavirus illnesses, 65 of which were domestic. The National Health commission claimed that 33 new local instances were detected in Tianjin, 29 in Henan, and one each in Beijing, Guangdong, and Shaanxi, Xinhua reported. According to the commission, 54 additional imported cases were detected on the Chinese mainland in nine provincial-level locations.

There were nine new cases reported who arrived from outside into the mainland in Shanghai, and no new COVID-19 fatalities were recorded, according to the report. Since the outbreak began, the nation has registered 104,864.

Meanwhile, as per the guidelines in Beijing Winter Olympics, athletes must get vaccinated or would face a lengthy quarantine. They have performed daily tests, and wear masks while not participating in any event or training. Further, cheering for the teammates with clapping is considered, but shouting is not. Anybody who will be tested positive for COVID-19 will be placed in isolation and will not be allowed to participate until they are cleared.

Image: AP/ Shutterstock