Modi’s Foreign-Policy Juggling Act

Building on these successes, however, may prove difficult for Modi. Pakistan and China have strengthened their cooperation. New challenges are emerging from the security vacuum Washington left behind in Afghanistan. Other fires to put out include a rapidly drifting Indo-Russian relationship and the military coup in neighboring Myanmar that has […]

Is There a Diplomatic Offramp in Ukraine?

EA: Mostly figure skating. It’s fun to watch, but you’re right that human rights concerns cast a pall over the whole thing. Plus, it’s impossible to avoid the politics: The Russians have reportedly been caught doping again , and even some of the skiing competition has been overshadowed by controversy […]

China Can’t Carry the Russian Economy

In answering such a question, it is necessary to acknowledge some concrete realities amid the escalatory rhetoric that has been taking place by both Moscow and the West in recent weeks. Although the United States has continued to warn that a Russian invasion of Ukraine could be imminent, this depends […]

North Korea Knows How Important Its Cyberattacks Are

In internal regime discourse, Pyongyang proudly refers to its cyberoperations as its “ all-purpose sword .” According to testimony from a South Korean intelligence chief, Kim reportedly stated: “Cyberwarfare, along with nuclear weapons and missiles, is an ‘all-purpose sword’ that guarantees our military’s capability to strike relentlessly.” Subversive, criminal operations […]