Uyghur groups stage protest in Belgium against China’s human rights violations, calls to boycott

Brussels, Belgium: Uyghur rights groups and Tibetans gathered in Belgium’s Diksmuide and protested against China’s human rights violations urging the world community to boycott Beijing Winter Olympics. “To raise awareness of Genocide games #Beijing2022 we co-organised the protest with Tibetan friends, gathered in Diksmuide, Belgium where thousands of soldiers sacrificed […]

Biden’s North Korea Policy Needs Rebooting

With the administration distracted by other foreign-policy priorities—not least Russia’s preparations for war against Ukraine—North Korea has received little attention. The November 2021 readout of a virtual meeting between Biden and China’s Xi Jinping mentioned North Korea in a single short sentence, where it was lumped together with other “regional […]

Biden Must Do Better Than Obama on Ukraine

When the Obama administration’s defense strategy was released in March 2014, the document was obsolete the day it was published. It did not mention Ukraine, even though Putin’s little green men had already seized Crimea. It did not mention the Islamic State by name, though the group’s fighters had already […]