The Quixotic Quest to Tackle Global Cybercrime

The meeting in January was delayed due to the omicron coronavirus variant, but political maneuvering around the delay reveals that the process continues to advance without a shared sense of cooperation. It isn’t. It was pushed by Russia and approved by vote in the U.N. General Assembly in 2019, with […]

Don’t Buy the Xi-Putin Hype

But the summit also showed that Xi remains constrained by forces outside of his control. While offering his fellow autocrat some support, Xi does not want to risk damaging China’s already strained relations with Europe, particularly given growing concerns about China’s rapid economic slowdown. China’s exports to the European Union […]

Imran Khan Goes to Moscow as Pakistan Romances Russia

Far more consequentially, Khan and Putin would like to demonstrate that Pakistan and Russia now matter for each other strategically—more than ever before—in yet another sign of the inexorably shifting geopolitics of the region. On the agenda will be their mutual concerns in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, and they may also discuss […]

How Far Will Turkey Go to Support Ukraine?

“I hope that Russia will not make an armed attack or occupy Ukraine. Such a step will not be a wise act for Russia or the region,” he said. The Turkish president underlined the importance of the partnership and the Ukrainian autonomy that facilitates it in an interview with the […]