Iran’s Revolution Is Eating Its Own

These are fanciful notions, as Iran’s economy cannot be revived without sanctions relief. Only when the wall of sanctions cracks, can Iran sell more of its oil and repatriate its funds frozen in foreign banks. Iran’s economy has been battered by a combination of mismanagement, the pandemic, and sanctions. The […]

Washington Must Step Up Its Engagement in Central Asia

Kazakhstan’s success in quashing the recent unrest may discourage would-be protesters for now, but resentment over economic and social disparities simmers beneath the surface across the region. Kyrgyzstan is so far the only country that has experienced protest-driven regime change, only to see new elite factions emerge. As may also […]

China’s ‘Wolf Warriors’ Are Having a Field Day With the Russia-Ukraine Crisis

China’s army of so-called wolf warrior diplomats and state media personalities, who aggressively promote Beijing’s objectives online, have taken to Twitter to highlight schisms within Europe, NATO, and the trans-Atlantic alliance, painting the U.S. response as ineffective, its people unsophisticated, and its cities violent. And they are dismissing critical Western […]

Xi Jinping Is Watching His Back

Instead, if Xi’s latest pronouncements are any indication, there is something else keeping him awake at night: growing fears about resistance to his rule from factions inside the CCP. Times have clearly changed since before the COVID-19 pandemic, when Xi confidently boasted about ushering in a new, China-centric global order. […]